Start, Go & Grow Your Biz on Facebook & Instagram

Start, Go & Grow On Facebook & Instagram

Official training from Facebook's 'She Means Business' campaign for entrepreneurs | taught by Natasha Courtenay-Smith
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Natasha Courtenay-Smith
Natasha Courtenay-Smith

About the Instructor

Tash Courtenay-Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Bolt Digital. 

In 2017, she became one of 8 founder trainers selected to deliver Facebook training as part of their 'She Means Business' campaign for SMEs and entrepreneurs. She has since helped train over 10,000 business owners on behalf of Facebook.

In this step-by-step online course, I'll be guiding you through getting started on Facebook and Instagram, growing your audiences, managing your pages and profiles and improving your free reach.

I'll also be covering the basics of Facebook ads, from the types of ads you need to be creating, the audiences to target and walking you through Ad Manager.

Start, Go & Grow with Facebook & Instagram is ideal if you’re a business owner or expert who knows that social media is an absolute necessity, but feels baffled by the principles and where to start.

It's also ideal training for those who have set up their Facebook & Instagram profiles but feel overwhelmed, unsure what to do next and are not getting the traction they hoped for.

In just under two hours, I'll lay out the foundations, principles and demystify both Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to harness the power of both to grow your brand.

And best of all - this is training direct from Facebook HQ!

In March 2017, I was selected to become of only 8 trainers (that's us below!) selected to deliver Facebook training - on behalf of Facebook themselves - as part of their #SheMeansBusiness campaign.

Research suggests that 900,000 more businesses would be created if the UK achieved the same level of female entrepreneurship as in the US, resulting in an additional £23 billion gross value added to the UK economy.

In England alone, 150,000 extra businesses would be created per annum if women started businesses at the same rate as men.

The goal of Facebook’s She Means Business campaign is train 10,000 British women* in digital skills via the 8 trainers including myself and via online events in 2017. And She Means Business is now rolling out around the world.

I flew to Facebook HQ in Dublin, where I spent two days learning directly from the experts inside Facebook in how to use Facebook and Instagram for business. I came away armed with knowledge and training materials, the best of which I’ve put together inside this online course.

Ready, Set, Go?

This course is ideal for you if you are

  • Have not yet used Facebook & Instagram for business purposes - but know that you need to.
  • Are relatively new to promoting your business on Facebook & Instagram, and want to fully understand how both platforms work.
  • Have a Facebook page or Instagram profile set up but are not getting traction from it or are experiencing confusion over what to do next.
  • Plan to use Facebook ads either now or in the future and want a good foundation and understanding of social PPC.
  • Already use Facebook & Instagram in your business and want to understand how to build custom audiences and use Facebook ads.
  • Want to understand the power of the Facebook pixel and how it can help drive leads into your business.

Join me for nearly two hours of training in which I’ll be walking through how to get started on Facebook and Instagram, how to set up your page, how to create content, how to monitor how well your content is doing, how to better understand your audience, how to make your content go viral, how to use video and best practise across Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll then be moving onto more advanced training on custom audiences and Facebook ads.

So many of us are overwhelmed and confused by social media and this course lays out the foundations, principles and demystifies both Facebook and Instagram enabling you to harness the power of both to grow your brand.

*This training is suitable for men too!