Lights, Camera, Action

How To Produce, Present, Film & Edit Stunning Videos For Your Business | taught by Natasha Courtenay-Smith
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Helen Walker


Great course, love the content. So easy to follow. I love Natasha's laid back approach - doesn't feel like learning! Really easy to follow and put into practice

Helen Walker

Great course, love the content. So easy to follow. I love Natasha's laid back approach - doesn't feel like learning! Really easy to follow and put into practice

Natasha Courtenay-Smith
Natasha Courtenay-Smith

About the Instructor

Natasha is an entrepreneur, author, digital & visibility strategist.

As a former newspaper journalist and publicist, and then having started, grown and sold her own online business, Natasha understands how to harness the power of digital and traditional media to dramatically increase visibility and opportunity.

In 2017, she was one of 8 trainers selected to deliver Facebook training as part of their 'She Means Business' campaign for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Natasha regularly talks about digital transformation, strategy & SMEs in public and in the media.

Her book, The Million Dollar Blog, is an Amazon bestseller. Her full service agency provides complete digital and visibility services for her clients.

I want to let you in on a secret!

Video is easy, fun, exciting - and the only limit is your imagination. You CAN learn to film and edit beautiful videos yourself, and you most certainly do NOT need to be paying people thousands of pounds to produce video for you.

Join me for two and a half hours of video lessons, during which I'll walk you through you how to film, produce, present and edit stunning videos for your business. From your lead showcase video that WOWs your visitors and social media followers, through to vlogs and general demo/information videos, you're going to have it all covered.

We'll be going over everything from creating storylines to the nitty gritty of editing footage (and I promise it's not as hard as you might think!)

All business owners need to join the video march

You must have noticed video is everywhere. If your website for you personal services or your business doesn’t have one, you are missing out on a proven, dynamic and engaging way of showing your customers what you are all about and getting them to engage with you.

'I've just finished Natasha's Lights, Camera, Action course and have just finished my first mini-movie. The course is excellent, it walks you through the whole process in a clear and simple way. I'm a total novice but it was perfect for me. There are so many excellent tips and hints that you would never be able to find out on your own so it will save you hours and hours and enable you to make short videos that look really impressive. Thanks Natasha. I'm now driving everyone mad wanting to take videos of them.'

Dr Stephanie Goodwin

The stats say people are 80 per cent more likely to buy or engage after watching a video.

And you only have to think of your own behaviour when it comes to engaging with people, buying services from people or trusting people after watching a video. You just feel you know them that little bit more right?

Video makes you more bookable AND appealing.

If you are a talented person wanting to show your work, then video is something you must consider. It immediately demonstrates your abilities, showcases your personality and helps people connect with you before they buy or book you.

Many people let the high cost of professional videos make them think a stunning video is out of their reach. Others let the thought of complicated editing software put them off.

It shouldn't be this way.

If you're just getting started with video marketing or toying with the idea of incorporating it into your overall marketing and visibility strategy, this course is for you.

In it, you'll learn

  • The filming equipment you REALLY need,
  • How to choose the right filming location
  • Your 'telling' and 'showing' storylines
  • How to script & storyboard
  • What to wear
  • How to look and sound confident, even when you don’t FEEL it.
  • Openings that capture attention
  • How to create and use 3 powerful special effects that will make your videos look much more pro.
  • Importing clips to iMovie
  • iMovie editing in fine detail.
  • Using music to set the scene
  • How to go viral

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Video editing in Lights, Camera, Action is demonstrated using iMovie on a MAC. However, the course also covers editing on a PC, and graduates have gone on to edit video on both MAC and PCs.